27 February, 2021

Opera Electronique

The Escorts Heart Institute leads the way again with Asia's first robot-assisted coronary artery bypass

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Opera Electronique
It's just another busy day at Delhi's Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre. And it's business as usual inside the sprawling operation theatre number 8 that looks straight out of a Michael Jackson music video with its seamless, gleaming bone-white bacteria-resistant paint walls and sleek, built-in computer screens. On the table is 49-year-old Raman Kumar, just another one in a long list of patients wheeled in here for regulation coronary artery bypass surgery. For the state-of-the-art, 320-bed heart clinic that has done 35,000-odd cardiac surgical procedures out of its nine operation theatres in the past 14 years of its existence, another bypass job is really no big deal.

But this afternoon, there's a buzz markedly different from the usual op room tedium: a dozen gowned surgeons, assistants and nurses are poring over instruments and papers, talking animatedly. More importantly, the crowded surgery is even looking a bit, wait, actually a lot different: in the maze of heart-and-lung and echocardiogram machines, sterile instrument racks and trays, anaesthetists'...

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