03 March, 2021

Opaque, Muddy Waters

The emergency insulates the Pak army—only the militancy will gain from it

Opaque, Muddy Waters
In his speech on November 3 soon after imposing Emergency, General-President Pervez Musharraf thought it fit and useful to hint at links between judicial activism and the growing extremism in the country. He suggested that the judicial decision to free some terrorists had provoked him to impose Emergency. Does this mean that the military is now in a better position to fight extremists? With a compliant judiciary in place, will this naturally bolster the army's capacity to fight insurgencies?

Seemingly, Musharraf's main gripe with the judiciary was that it had given relief to terrorists, particularly those behind the Red Mosque crisis, and had set free about 61 terrorists. He didn't mention that he had not bothered to sack his federal minister, Ejaz-ul-Haq, who had once confessed to bailing out one of the Red Mosque mullahs charged by the anti-terrorist court.

What the judiciary did was to merely offer an alternative source of justice to the common people who were not heard by the executive. Even Dr A.Q. Khan, the nuclear guru, it was...

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