09 March, 2021

Only A Homeland For A Toothless Paper Tiger

Half-hearted gestures by politicians and foreign policy diplomats for Eelam Tamils, the watery UN resolution included, serves them ill

Only A Homeland For A Toothless Paper Tiger

Marx begins his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, modifying Hegel’s assertion that history always happens twice, by adding that it occurs “once as tragedy, and again as farce”. First, the tragedy.

On April 27, 2009, in the absurd theatre of parliamentary electoral politics, M. Karunanidhi mercilessly wagered the lives of more than a hundred thousand Eelam Tamils facing imminent genocide by embarking on what must have been a historic act of protest—an ‘indefinite’ hunger strike, strategically timed between breakfast and lunch. And then he declared, just as dramatically, that he was giving up his fast having received an assurance from P. Chidambaram that Colombo had decla­red a cessation of hostilities. Even as this ready­made propaganda was being disseminated, bombs continued to rain in the Vanni. Mulli­vaiykkaal, the tiny sliver of beach that became the last refuge of the Eelam Tamil people, turned into a mass grave. In the ensuing days, Karunanidhi kept himself occupied by exercising his literary talents in...

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