23 April, 2021

One Year Of GST: GST Or GSTN’T?

What hath GST wrought? Weighing up the tax ­reform’s impact one year later, we find a maze of issues to be navigated.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
One Year Of GST: GST Or GSTN’T?

It’s a riot of colours on the ground floor of a textile unit, Kimaya Industries, just outside Surat, a manufacturing hub in Gujarat. Machine-powe­red looms whir incessantly, wea­­­ving multicoloured threads into colourful fabric. On another floor, workers design embroidery to be ­woven into dress materials. Reams of sarees are stacked on one side, ready to be packed and shipped. Business, it would appear to the untrained eye, is booming.

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But not quite. For the 85-odd workers, there’s a baleful touch to the pattern forming on the cloth. Over the last one year, about 15 co-workers have lost their jobs. A sense of unease hangs in the air, lingering even a year after the Goods and Services...

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