11 April, 2021

One Word For A Year-I

Chennai rocks, the ‘Madrasis’ make it a city that works

One Word For A Year-I

Chennai exudes a special kind of energy that you won’t find in any other city in India. The warmth and generosity of its denizens is surely a big reason for that. They might not strike you as very expressive when you first meet them, but they are very helpful and they’ll always stand by your side when you need them. They are typically courteous and welcoming to outsiders. That explains the recent tourism boom: our beautiful city and its precincts now attract people from all over the world. But most importantly, Chennaiites live together in harmony and incidents of communal clashes are absolutely absent from its social scene.

What I also love about Chennai is how it was able to fuse the new forms of urban culture to its long heritage, rich history. I think that makes us both modern and at once deeply rooted to our core identity. We Chennaiites might be a trifle conservative or traditionalist, but that in no way makes us regressive. Rather, it grounds us, anchors us, in a world tossed about by fads and trends. Another thing: compared to north India, we may seem...

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