02 August, 2021

One Unique Notion

Working together, we can do a lot more for India’s poorest

Illustration by Sorit
One Unique Notion

One of the most inspiring stories of global health success—one that I share whenever I get a chance—is India’s triumph over polio. Just a few years ago, India was home to the largest greatest number of polio cases in the world. It was expected to be the most difficult place to eliminate the crippling disease because of densely crowded urban areas, poor sanitation, large migrant populations, and the fact that over 27 million Indian babies are born every year. Now it’s been over two years since India has had a single case of polio. This story is proof that major health problems can be overcome in the most challenging places in the world. It’s also a powerful reminder of why the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation inv­ests in programmes to fight disease and poverty in India.

Our mission as an organisation is to help all people live a healthy, productive life—and a huge number of people who are sick and impoverished live on the subcontinent. While India is experiencing significant economic growth, there are still 400 million Indians...

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