27 July, 2021

One Thousand Writers, One Flat World

Writers must speak on the louring sameness born of extremism and market

One Thousand Writers, One Flat World

When I thought about what I should say to this illustrious company, at this special literary festival, it seemed obvious that I must talk about climate change—not about global warming, but about the way the mental and emotional climate we are living in affects writers. So I am calling this talk 'Climate Change or Is the World Becoming Flat Again?'—by which I mean a limited world whose people see thus far and no further.

We are here to celebrate literature, which is the same as saying we are here to celebrate diversity. Literature means many voices. As writers, we project our unique points of view. As readers, other writers show us there are other visions and values, other ways of living and thinking. India has always seemed to me to be a good place to have a celebration of many voices. One of my favourite writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, once called his continent a microcosm of the human race, and this subcontinent is pretty much the same kind of mix and muddle of races and cultures. We have a plurality of religions and languages...

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