24 October, 2020

One Shourie Isn't Enough

A sharp, witty excoriation of babudom, but the bite's sting robbed by excessive detail

Tribhuvan Tiwari
One Shourie Isn't Enough
Arun Shourie is a gadfly. He loves to take up arms against people and institutions he does not like. He also does not worry about whether he is popular or not. What is more, he is intelligent. In short, he is a dangerous man. How on earth he got chosen to be a minister in the NDA government is beyond me but he was a surprisingly successful minister. The secret is that he did not give a damn whether he won the affection of his party or the coalition, or indeed anyone else. But he managed Privatisation (or whatever it is called to avoid frightening the children who inhabit the Indian political scene) so well that his enemies accused him of corruption. He sold some hotel which was sold on by a buyer at a higher price. Horrors! Everyone thought he must be on the take. I think everyone has forgotten that once you sell something, you no longer have any right to interfere in what the buyer does with it.

But let that be. He has now written a book that excoriates the babudom that stifles India. In chapter after chapter, he lists the absurdities, delays and prevarications of civil...



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