27 July, 2021

One Revvolution Ahead!

If the last decade transformed the car industry, the next may give it a global edge

Atul Loke
One Revvolution Ahead!
If you bought a new compact car in India a decade ago, chances are it would have polluted more than double of what a new car does today. You were likely to encounter, on average, at least five quality problems in your new vehicle; now it would be fewer than two.

You may have had to enroll yourself in a 'wait list' before being eligible for your beauty-on-four-wheels, quite apart from the present time when dealer call centres and salesmen cajole, almost badger, you to buy. Post-sale maintenance then would have meant spending a day at the workshop, often competing to catch the attention of the works manager. Now, your vehicle service schedules are tracked at the workshop, vehicles picked up, serviced and dropped home with little fuss.

The car industry has come a long way since 1995. The domestic car market, at 9 lakh units, is three times what it was when Outlook first hit the stands. Although global players were trickling in by the mid-1990s, their number has doubled since.

There were probably a dozen car models to choose from then, there are now thrice...

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