17 April, 2021

One Point Five/Two

Jharkhand has been mined, Jammu-Kashmir is still a prospect

Tribhuvan Tiwari
One Point Five/Two

To fly the tricolour from Srinagar has been an article of faith for all parties which have asserted the Hindu identity since Independence. Jana Sangh founder Shyama Prasad Mookerjee actually died in the midst of a protest against the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir (he said then leader of the valley Sheikh Abdullah was following the “three-nation theory”). Mookerjee went on a hunger strike to protest the law that prohibited Indian citizens from settling down in the state. Visiting Kashmir illegally in 1953, he was arrested while crossing the border on May 11 because he did not have the permit everyone was required to carry at the time. He passed away as a detenu at the age of 51, a death which the RSS-Jana Sangh-Hindu Mahasabha went on to...

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