24 June, 2021

One Kid, Doubly Pleased

New-age realities are prompting urban Indians to settle for one kid. Raising superbrats? Not necessarily, they reason.

One Kid, Doubly Pleased
Soaring In Singles

DISK (double income, single kid) couples are on the rise among the educated urban middle class. So what makes them stop at one?

  • Pressures of career
  • Lack of support system for childcare in nuclear families
  • Rising cost of urban living and of quality education for kids
  • Trend towards late marriage and child-bearing among working women
Gains In Solitude
  • Tend to be more focused and goal-oriented
  • Have deep bond with parents
  • Self-sufficient and independent; enjoy solitary pursuits like reading, drawing and painting
  • Mature for their years, because they spend so much time with adults
  • Make friends easily, to compensate for lack of siblings
...The Risk Factors
  • Can be self-centred and spoilt
  • Have an exaggerated sense of their own importance
  • Over-protected by parents, hence timid,...

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