16 May, 2021

On The Wrong Side Of Geography?

With India having given them nothing but neglect, the Arunachalis wonder if they’d have been better off with China

On The Wrong Side Of Geography?
  • Flashpoint 1 Appalling infrastructure makes Arunachalis wonder how New Delhi can ignore such a sensitive border state
  • Flashpoint 2 It’s particularly shameful when you look at all the development just across the border, on the Chinese side
  • Flashpoint 3 There is resentment over dilution of tribal identity, especially on account of the imposition of Hindi
  • Flashpoint 4 A corrupt electoral system is helping elect people who have the money but don’t necessarily represent people
  • Flashpoint 5 Hydel projects will lead to influx of migrants and  hasty environmental
    clearances will wreak havoc


Travelling through the plains of upper Assam one late October afternoon, wending our way from picturesque Tawang to Arunachal’s capital Itanagar, an irony keeps hitting us at every turn. To access one part of Arunachal from...

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