01 August, 2021

On The Wrong Side Of 40

Now there's one more reason to add to mid-life blues—a depressed market devouring job opportunities for 40-plus execs

Atul Loke
On The Wrong Side Of 40
  • Rudrapratap Basumitray, marketing communications head with a middle-rung software solutions firm, was handed the pink slip four months ago. He was told the company was downsizing because of poor business prospects in India. Till date, 42-year-old Basumitray has been unable to get another job. After the first month, he felt his Rs 80,000 plus monthly pay packet was working against him. So he called up his headhunters and told them he was willing to take a salary cut. But their curt response was: "It's not your salary but your age that's on the wrong side."

  • Last July, Anandamoy Karmanjee, a 47-year-old business journalist and resident editor in a north Indian town for a leading national daily, decided to return to Delhi for personal reasons. His firm was unwilling to relocate him, so he quit. And for six months, searched in vain for a job in Delhi. Finally, he settled for a PR assignment with a small agency. This is what the management in his earlier job told him: "Look at our business editor in Delhi. He's not even 30. Young talent's serving the same purpose as...

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