12 May, 2021

On The Road To Nowhere

The lesson the calamity in Orissa teaches is that disaster-management remains an unlearnt lesson

On The Road To Nowhere
  • India faces a substantial number of disasters occurring in the Asia Pacific region which account for nearly 60 per cent of natural disasters in the world.

  • An area of 40 million hectares in the country is prone to floods. On an average, eight million hectares are affected annually, which went up to 18.6 million hectares this year. The average annual damage ranges from about Rs 627 crore to nearly Rs 4,059 crore in a single year.

  • Of a long coastline of 5,700 kms, devastating tropical cyclones continue to rise from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Two to three out of six tropical cyclones in this region have been found to hit the coastline and the surrounding states in India.

  • The country has about 50 to 60 per cent of its total area vulnerable to seismic activities of varying intensity. The threatened spots are essentially located in the Himalayan regions, besides the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Chilling and scary reports. When disasters strike, the damage is staggering. The aftermath, more violent. It has been happening with periodic...
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