29 July, 2021

On The Racks

On The Racks

Atul Khanna
Between You and Me | Bloomsbury

Manifesto as conversation. This is a book brimming with ideas for the transformation of society, politics, democracy, administration and the economy, all couched in a discursive format through which the author, an entrepreneur, analyses problems with how things are done at present and then presents his suggestions. He is not short of suggestions on issues from Article 370 to income tax assessments, and calls for a new constituent assembly to change what he sees as an outdated and inefficient system of governance, which he considers the root of many of modern India’s problems.

Not exactly a systematic treatise of political philosophy, this book is more focused on a number of specific policy ideas—some of which are, to put it mildly, radical. For example, Khanna’s thoughts on universal fra­­nchise: people’s votes should...

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