06 May, 2021

On The Flying Dodo’s Trail

Praful Patel is certainly not ‘Air India’s minister’, considering the sordid mess the national airline is in

On The Flying Dodo’s Trail

How To Ground An Airline

AI’s fortunes have taken a nosedive in the past six years

  • Micro-management: Minister Praful Patel micro-manages the airline; management decisions emanate from his ministry HQ. Has strained relations with CMD Arvind Jadhav, who has a mind of his own.
  • Morale: Professionalism takes backseat, top management unable or unwilling to read the changing market conditions. AI’s 11 MDs in the past 20 years had an average tenure of a year—with two exceptions.
  • Merger: The 2007 merger between A-I and IA is widely slammed. AI still has an average of two managers per position, staff strength is three times what’s required, and it has a non-integrated fleet.
  • Bilaterals: Massive additional air traffic rights granted to foreign carriers after 2004-05. But merged AI/IA is not in a position to increase capacity, leading to a fatal loss of marketshare.
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