14 May, 2021

On The Company Account

Shetty's murder may lead to a shake-up in the betting cartels. Is it advantage Chhota Rajan?

On The Company Account
With the gunning down of Dawood Ibrahim's key associate Sharad Shetty in Dubai on January 19, underworld don Chhota Rajan has accomplished a twin objective. Intelligence agencies believe Rajan's motive was to avenge the attempt on his life in Bangkok and the murder of second-in-command Rohit Verma in September 2001 (allegedly masterminded by Shetty). Rajan is also in a position to move in on cricket's betting syndicates, till now in the vice-like grip of Shetty.

"Shetty's murder is the culmination of a carefully thought-out plot hatched by Rajan's aides. Ahead of the World Cup, there's going to be a big shake-up in those controlling the betting cartels," says an Intelligence Bureau (IB) official who's been keeping track of the match-fixing investigations.

Shetty alias Anna aka Bada Idli (due to his connections to the Udipi hotels in Mumbai) was the financial muscle of the D-Company, widely perceived as the kingpin of the betting syndicates. Having fled to Dubai in 1986 along with Chhota Shakeel and Sunil Sawant, he had in the last 17 years spawned a huge financial...
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