05 August, 2021

On That Barren Stretch

Engineeers fix things. They need to be cherished. Ideally by girls.

Illustration by Saahil
On That Barren Stretch

Sex in engineering colleges is a mythical creature, like the unicorn, or black money. Despite the lack of evidence, you want to believe that it exists. While I was in Jadavpur University, I remember lying under trees and smiling to myself, thinking, it’s such a big campus, someone must be getting lucky somewhere. In fact, my four years in the Mechanical Engineering department at JU were all part of a master plan. Very early in life, I was told that I would have to be either an engineer or a doctor. No other options were provided. I was not entirely sure about this. For one thing, medicine seemed to involve large amounts of studying. We lived just across the road from a medical student. I used to watch him trudge home every night, exhausted. Then the light would go on in his room, and he would study. Conditions were clearly tough. Plus this was Calcutta, where all the doctors in government hospitals were being beaten up by the public on a regular basis. Reviewing the situation at the age of seventeen, I concluded that medicine was not the profession for me.

This left...

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