25 June, 2021

On Making A Mind Map Of The Rough Art Of Murder

A light is shone on the lurid details of Neeraj Grover’s murder—an Indian foray into Capote-Ellroy territory.

On Making A Mind Map Of The Rough Art Of Murder

Crime in actual fact can be stranger, and more vicariously satisfying, than in any fiction. Murders in real life enthral us in ways no thriller can: they leapfrog the limits of imagination to feed our darkest fantasy because they plumb the deepest, hidden secrets of human desire. They goad us to fill in the blanks as no film or book can.

When 25-year-old TV exec Neeraj Grover went missing in Mumbai in the summer of 2008, his body later found hacked to bits in bags in a distant jungle, the finger of suspicion pointed to Maria Susairaj, a little-known Kannada actress. Neeraj had spent the night in her suburban flat. To add to the sexual frisson of an occasional one-night stand was a third party: Maria’s fiance Emile Jerome, a handsome, upstanding naval lieutenant who had flown in from his naval base in Kochi, to find them in bed in the early hours. The story had the nation hooked.

It was a classic crime of passion but with some cold 21st century dressing. What made the Neeraj-Maria-Emile deadly love triangle stick in the...

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