16 June, 2021

On Clout Nine...

His money maketh him the man for the BJP in 2014. Period.

On Clout Nine...

Project Modi

  • The Gujarat CM will be projected as the PM candidate. RSS too has agreed as it feels the need for a face for 2014.
  • Misgivings in BJP remain; JD(U) will pull out of NDA should Modi win in December
  • Corporate India’s backing matters at a time when economy is down and political parties are strapped for funds


In his home state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi is projected as omnipotent, omnipresent. In the last assembly elections held in December 2007, Modi masks were distributed at every public rally he addressed. It made quite a sight: the leader strutting on stage and followers in masks bobbing up and down. Together, they seemed a cult. Modi’s been all-powerful in the Gujarat citadel since 2001. By the end of this year, he’ll face another election in the state that most political observers expect him to win.

Presuming that he crosses that bridge, he’ll then walk the national runway as the...

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