06 December, 2020

On Blessed Grounds

From the four corners of India, the faithful flock, each to his altar, each to his wish

On Blessed Grounds
  • Bokhari Baba Shrine, Kaipadar village, Orissa
    Letters to god float about the shrine, detailing wishes and dreams.

Dodda Ganeshana Gudi, Bangalore

  • Dodda Ganeshana Gudi (The Bull Temple), Bangalore, Karnataka
    Wishes need no messenger or conduit, they are whispered right into the right ear of the Nandi idol here.
  • Durga Temple, Uttar Pradesh
    A coconut and a wish; break the former at the temple grounds and the latter is granted.
  • Ferozshsah Kotla, Delhi
    Confess to wrong deeds by writing letters to djinns, sticking coins to the walls of the mosque, offering milk, sweets, fruits, meat to appease ‘unhappy spirits’.



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