13 June, 2021

On A Blur And A Wheel

Alcohol-related road accidents have become a national malaise. How did we get here and where do we head for a cure?

On A Blur And A Wheel
Julio Ribeiro, ex-Mumbai police commissioner: "The children these days, they don’t pay much attention to values. Those who have recently joined the middle classes, the ‘nouveau riche’, are susceptible to this a bit more, but even the old moneyed classes are deteriorating. One thing we should definitely try is to make all the six youngsters in this car (the Carter Road incident) do community work with poor people...then they will really understand and learn what it is to be poor or deprived."

Darryl D’Monte, Former editor, ToI, and Bandra West Residents Association president: "These kids were at a Smirnoff party at Taj Land’s End. They were younger than the legal age for consumption of alcohol. Now, is it correct for these liquor companies to organise such events without screening these people for age eligibility, and without sending any message about drinking...

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