21 June, 2021

Om Puri

On the new drama assignment he’s doing for Channel 4, Bollywood and his "star" status

Om Puri
What are you shooting in London?
A drama for Channel 4 inspired by King Lear. I am playing the lead role.

Are you looking to shoot more in the West?
It's been sort of happening on its own since City of Joy.

Anything in Hollywood?
I've a script for a film to be made jointly by companies in Hollywood and the UK.

Is an Indian accent important for doing stuff in the West?
I speak like an Indian. If the role requires it, that is fine.

What next in India?
I will be working in Govind Nihalani's new film, on the police, which will also star Mr Bachchan.

Is Bollywood changing?
Technically things have improved but the subject matter is very poor. The successes of Lagaan and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is is just three-four films in a year out of 800.

Can this go on?
How can it? They think everyone will be happy if they show some girls wearing very little. But people are rejecting these films. Our cinema must reflect the society. People are fed up with these love...

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