15 June, 2021

Olympian Worries

Olympian Worries
You remember the picture postcard shots of Sydney from the air-the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in all their glory, cheek-by-jowl? But, landing at night after the long haul from India, it wasn't that sight I saw first. Peering out of the window of the Qantas jet, it was the golden arches of McDonald's, shimmering in the night sky, that greeted me. We had heard all about the dreaded Australian Customs and their aversion to any "cooked food", as well as sundry other banned items. My Colombo-based Indian journalist friend who had boarded at Singapore is getting the jitters-he has brought enough Haldiram namkeen to go with his drinks to last a fortnight. Plus a rice cooker and a packet of, believe it or not, Australian rice!

But the guys at the airport could not have been more welcoming. "Olympic family? This way, sir" and we are whisked through in a matter of minutes. Miranda, the delightful Sydney suburb where I was based for the duration of my stay, is an hour's bus ride to the Olympic Park. Special Olympic buses are running round the clock and...

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