27 July, 2021

Off The Blocks

Adarsh scam probe sees first arrests

Apoorva Salkade
Off The Blocks

Where Are The Keys?

  • Why has the CBI been delaying and soft-pedalling the case?
  • Why did it take 14 months after the FIR for the first arrests?
  • Why were key papers, stolen from the secretariat, not taken into safe-keeping earlier?
  • Why were the notings on hard disk drives not sent for de-coding or forensic analysis for months?
  • Why was disciplinary action not taken against bureaucrats and others named in the case? How did some of them get promoted?


Eight days after a rap from the Bombay High Court, on March 20 the CBI arrested four of the 14 accused in the Adarsh Society scam—the Mumbai high-rise illegally built on a sea-facing plot reserved for defence personnel and war widows. “If you arrest people for other offences, why the exception this time? Are you feeling shy?” the division bench had rebuked the agency. Castigated, the CBI made its first arrests 14 months after it took over the...

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