16 May, 2021

O-Street Shuffle

A young band does the Europe circuit. And they live to tell the tale.

Bishwadeep Moitra
O-Street Shuffle

Paint-stripping scream of an electric guitar played with bad intent. Check. Mean bass line and pounding drums; playing simultaneously tight-and-loose. Check. Bone-crunching rhythm, driving it with all the unsubtle menace of a charging rhino. Check. Volume set to permanent hearing damage levels. Check. Smoke and wild lighting psychedelic enough that you can’t see beyond the purple haze. Check. Transcendental Sufi vocals over the sinuous insistent beat of a dhol. Check. Check?

What are Sufiana and a dhol doing on a hard rock stage? Orange Street will tell you, once they’ve stopped kicking out the jams. The Delhi-based rockers are playing live in Sweden. And the cautiously headbanging (this is well behaved Scandinavia, remember?) crowd is cheering. They like it. Hey, hey my, my, they LIKE THIS!

The positive response to Orange Street’s music in Europe last month may have been...

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