29 September, 2020

Nutty Lines

Simply worth a nibble

Nutty Lines

THERE’S an ironic texture to M.K. Kaw’s poetry which sustains your interest. It also surprises because its consistency is not predictable. There are simple poems narrating the poignancy of a human situation, as the poem to his daughter Iti, simply titled To Iti:1

You were in blue too...
...lightly resting your back
against my knee,
as yet oblivious
of the long years of absence
that would soon tear you away...

Such poems may be tucked between many others where a wry sense of humour constantly fli rts with the satiric. There are incidents from everyday life— a death, a change of season, an official meeting, sunrise and sunset— which are captured gracefully with a linguistic brevity that is commendable. There is in this long serving bureaucrat an eye for observation, a sensitivity to the external and a porousness to the emotional,   which seems to have defied the impact of so many years spent disposing of files .

Many poems deal with nature, the dignity of trees, birds, and of...



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