16 June, 2021

"Nuclear testing will have serious consequences"

Assistant secretary of state for South Asian Affairs Karl F. Inder-furth told Ludwina A.Joseph in Washington that though the US is looking forward to work with whichever government comes to power, a range of issues need to be discussed,

"Nuclear testing will have serious consequences"
If the BJP comes to power, it may decide to go in for an overtly nuclear weaponisation programme and develop Agni missiles. What is the State Department's stand on this?

It's not for me to predict the outcome of the elections in India, nor to speculate about what impact this will have on relations between the United States and India. However, we look forward to working with whichever government emerges from India's elections. There is a wide range of issues which we plan to discuss with it, leading up to the President's visit to India later this year. We respect the right of every nation to determine its own national security needs, but it has long been our position that nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programmes in South Asia run counter to the hopes of the international community and can be destabilising. We have made that position clear, publicly and privately, for some time.

What is your position on the BJP's stated policy of testing the bomb?

We have long said that testing would have serious negative consequences. It would lead to an increase in...

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