17 June, 2021

Now, The Saffron Ketchup

The BJP's claim to uniqueness is built on the cunning of Kautilya, not the wisdom of Vyasa

Now, The Saffron Ketchup

THE BJP's claim of being a party with a difference rests on certain idealised notions, carefully nurtured and propagated. Other parties clam-our for power at any cost, while the BJP's pursuit of politics is dictated by the farsighted agenda of realising an alternative vision of India. Other parties readily compromise on their principles, while the BJP is uniquely virtuous inasmuch as it prefers a splendidly moral isolation to the capture of power. Other parties are only too willing to provide sanctuary to all types of shady characters, whereas the BJP puts a premium on the integrity of its members. All other parties share the faulty Congress vision, characterised by myopic appeasement of Muslims going in the name of "pseudo" secularism, and the BJP cherishes its own idea of India which is not only authentic but also essential for undoing the damage wrought by the self-serving Congress and its paler versions.

The USP of the BJP lies in this 'difference' in terms of vision and behaviour. In fact, this 'difference' has been its...

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