30 July, 2021

Now Showing: The 3D Modi Hollowgram

He had the corporate backing. Now he’s claiming God on his side as well. But will He be swayed by Modi’s invocations?

Now Showing: The 3D Modi Hollowgram

Modi Wave?

  • 229 Aggregate tally for 28-party BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) for 2014 election, based on on-ground predictions by experts sought out by Outlook in all 29 states


Finally, God entered poll discourse 2014 after Pakistan, beef, the media, opinion polls, the Gujarat model, corporates, communalism, badla, scams, policy paralysis, development, empowerment had run their course. Perhaps the over year-long campaign—rolling since Narendra Modi’s third consecutive win in Gujarat—worth thousands of crores of rupees on the social, electronic and print media must not have been proving eno­ugh. The big capital-backed superhero of the BJP, the RSS already with him, drafted God too on his side just before the third phase of polling to fight the assorted paapis of the UPA and the alleged third front. (Paap or sin, and never secular words like crime or illegality, is Modi’s...

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