25 June, 2021

Now, Post Graduates

Snail mail is catching up. The P&T department hopes to live better by selling space.

Now, Post Graduates

You might have already heard Vande Mataram on it. Or "Happy Gudi Purab". Perhaps even messages to spread literacy sometimes.... But "Yehi hai right choice, baby" on your telephone?

Nah! That’d be going too far, you think? Well, think again. Because that’s what telephone users across the country may soon hear instead of the monotonous dial tone that grates on the ear. Along with perhaps "Coca-Cola enjoy" and "Aya naya Ujala". In a multi-pronged effort to partially privatise the cash-strapped Indian Posts and Telegraph (P&T) department, the government is seriously considering allowing ad jingles promoting consumer products on the phone.

What may or may not be music to your ears has been necessitated by the absence of the sweet sound of money in the postal till. Painted into a corner by a cash crunch that is threatening the very survival of the department, forget good performance, the government has prepared a blueprint to not only lift the sagging image of the P&T department but also provide it with a...

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