16 June, 2021

Now, Is That Malevolence?

A group of men's right activists claim the feminist agenda has pushed ahead so far that men are now the worst victims.

Narendra Bisht
Now, Is That Malevolence?

In Defence Of Men's Rights...

  • A nationwide group of some 8,000 men, most of them techies and engineers, have formed a "husbands' rights" movement, spearheaded by the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF)
  • They claim they're being victimised, abused and framed by their wives and greedy lawyers, who use laws like the Domestic Violence Act and IPC 498A which deals with dowry harassment, to extort money, grab family property, deny them child custody etc.
  • The movement is active in nine cities, operates a national helpline, has published a Guide to Surviving 498A
  • SIFF says the high ratio of male to female suicides (64:36) is largely due to domestic cruelty against men [National Crime Records Bureau 2005].


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