21 January, 2021

"Nothing Is Cast In Stone. Perceptions Change With Time."

SEVENTY-TWO hours after being named the next ITC chairman, Yogesh Deveshwar's apartment, ten minutes walking distance from company headquarters, was overflowing with bou -quets. Deveshwar, the youngest to head an ITC factory (age:28), the youngest to

"Nothing Is Cast In Stone. Perceptions Change With Time."

You’ve won the battle with BAT. But it has left many people with bruised egos, who disagree with you on many issues. How will you carry these people forward in the interest of ITC?

I’ve neither won nor lost. I was in no battle.I don’t want to go into the past because going into the past is dysfunctional. And I haven’t said anything about anybody that should stand in the way of tomorrow. When I take over on January 1 as chief executive, I will take all initiatives that are in the larger interest of shareholders. I have cordial relations with members on the board. Differing perceptions will be there and I will work towards resolving differences. It is naive to think that there won’t be any disagreements among people. Though, so far, there has been far too little dialogue to say that there are disagreements.

The possibility of BAT putting a spoke in your scheme of things is high. How do you plan to counter that?

I don’t know BAT’s views on most issues first hand. But BAT has to...



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