19 September, 2020

Not Yet Prodigal Son

Barring his scorn and disregard for his peers, the RSS has not much to disagree with Modi.

Not Yet Prodigal Son

The relationship between the RSS and its affiliates— specially the BJP—has always been tricky. Nagpur may be the Big Brother but has not always been able to shepherd younger siblings and has often had to step aside. The wider their public presence, the greater the problems of managing them. And the moral authority of the RSS top brass has diminished in recent years, as the old guard has given way to younger leaders who are yet to build the domineering presence of their predecessors.

In the past decade or so, the RSS has found it increasingly difficult to enforce its will on the BJP. Despite reported advice, L.K. Advani is yet to hang up his boots. The authority of the Nagpur-sponsored party president has remained weak. The BJP is increasingly looking like a collection of regional parties with strong chieftains and a bunch of aspiring ministers with little political base and no cognition of central authority.

The choices before the RSS are limited: either allow the drift to further erode its core agenda or take...



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