13 April, 2021

Not Much Frisson

The much-touted Indo-US nuclear deal may just be our bane. Eminent Indian scientists on how it could affect our future.

Not Much Frisson
A. Gopalakrishnan Ex-Chairman, AERB:
How can you get energy security if reactor fuel is sanctioned for only, say, two years at a time? We should walk away unless the Americans completely rehash the Act, come up with a new one.

Placid Rodriguez Former Director, IGCAR:
Each clause is an affront to the self-respect and sovereignty of India. The entire Act is premised on the supposition that India’s foreign policy is ‘congruent’ to that of the US.

A.N. Prasad Former Director, BARC:
It’s clear the US intends to stretch the tentacles of non-proliferation over every aspect of our nuclear activity, whether strategic or civilian. They will also get access to our people...this will lead to attrition.

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