20 January, 2021

Not Much At Steak

Is the indignant liberal in residence really better than a Sanghi?

Illustration by Saahil
Not Much At Steak

Here are the reasons why the grandstanding beef-eating liberal is as removed from reality as the lumpen, violent anti-beef-eating Hindutva mob:

1 Internet Hindutva vs Twitter Liberati: They are the most feted couple on social media, as they go hand in hand, complementing each other with their conservative vitriol and liberal contempt, vile bullying and mannered hand-wringing; they have built a relationship that is fruitful to both—as they furiously write, retort, quarrel, brawl or post, so, is it any surprise that the liberati’s following is in direct proportion of the trolls they trap? And, vice versa? It is also why public discourse, in response to the murderous Hindutva mob, has been reduced to “I eat beef”, “I have Muslim friends” or “I have Christians and Muslims in my building”. The lib class has all the advantages of being in power to smash conse­rvatism in politics, judiciary, media and activism, but instead stick to polite posts: enough to show you’re on the other...



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