27 July, 2021

Norway Diary

Norway Diary
Modi Cruise Missile

Many voices mingle on the lobby of a hotel at Bryggen­—the UNESCO world heritage old wharf in Bergen. Most are varied American accents; a ship-full of elderly Americans are on a cruise stop. But I don’t think anybody appeared to be so gleefully delighted to be conversing in their ‘mother tongue’ as the threesome in our small group of four, plumb in the middle of the lobby. She is a retired nurse, originally Indian Punjabi Christian. She was married to a Pakistani Punjabi Christian. Her son-in-law too is Pakistani Punjabi Christian, a pastor in a small church some two hours drive away. They are now all Norwegians. The greetings start in polite English and before one can say twade it’s robust Punjabi! It was meant to be a short meeting to hand over a gift for the pastor’s some-months-old son, sent by  his wife’s relative, but before one could say teri to, Modi dominated the conversation. About...

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