19 June, 2021

No Treason, Just Cold Reason

V.K. Singh raises many issues. If addressed, they should make RAW a better intelligence agency.

No Treason, Just Cold Reason
Here are the "secrets" that Singh revealed in his book about the functioning of RAW:

PM's Security:
According to Singh, the communication system used by the Special Protection Group, tasked with protecting the present and former PMs, had a major problem. To quote from his book: "I could see that Motorola had very long arms, and it was quite likely that nothing could be done. Since the issue concerned the PM's security, I felt that his office must be informed." The communication system had not undergone the mandatory hacker-resistivity test. This ought to have been done by the Systems Analysis Group (SAG), a DRDO organisation. However, sources told Outlook that it was then secretary (security) Hari Shankar who deleted the stated need for such a test. Incidentally, the panel responsible for buying the system had accepted V.K. Singh's recommendations that indigenous software be developed.

No Accountability: Singh makes a strong case for parliamentary oversight and audit of RAW expenditure and operations...

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