14 May, 2021

No Rose Tints

Stark images from an Indian. The film is up for Emmy awards.

No Rose Tints
The badlands of Pakistan—where anger breeds violence and young men morph in a trice into dangerous terrorists, and where an innocent rendezvous in a restaurant can be a death warrant—are non-navigable for ordinary folk. Daniel Pearl was neither ordinary nor foolish, yet he wandered in, chasing links between Al Qaeda and the ubiquitous ISI, the official executor of Pakistan's often dark policies. Pearl, an American journalist, was trapped by Omar Sheikh, an unrepentant terrorist freed by India under duress from hijackers in '99, and who quickly found protection in Pakistan to continue his chilling career. Pearl, 38, was beheaded in February '02 after a few days in captivity and buried in pieces in an overgrown courtyard.

Ramesh Sharma, whose passion has been investigation right from the time he made New Delhi Times, has made a compelling documentary about the collision of Pearl's and Sheikh's worlds, the near-complete incomprehension about each other's language and purpose, and the resultant tragedy. The Journalist and the...

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