14 June, 2021

No Plot-Spoilers In The Headley Chase

India’s unhappy with America’s selective information-sharing, but will downplay it right now

No Plot-Spoilers In The Headley Chase

When President Barack Obama begins reading out his speech against the 26/11 terrorist attacks at the Taj in Mumbai on November 6 and empathise with the victims, some may wonder whether the tragedy could have been averted. Had the US been a little more forthright and specific in sharing information with the Indians, Obama would not have needed to deliver this speech of commiseration.

Such scepticism may arise due to the controversy surrounding David Headley, the CIA mole who crossed over to the Lashkar-e-Toiba and photographed places that were eventually targeted. Days before Obama was to arrive in India, home secretary G.K. Pillai expressed disappointment that the US was not specific in its information about Headley. The US too admits that the information it passed on to India was general in nature, not specific. “If we had information that could have helped prevent the attacks and pinpoint specific aspects of the attack, we’d have certainly shared that too,” the US deputy national security advisor for strategic...

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