20 October, 2020

No One's Queueing Up

Cricket fever in Pakistan remains at a low pitch, somewhat like England's fortunes

No One's Queueing Up
I was driven by car from Faisalabad to Lahore last week, going about the business of commenting on Group B of the Wills World Cup. When I got out of the car at the Holiday Inn, my driver Ali was moved to announce, "You will be happy, sir. That trip was only one hour 45 minutes and that includes crash." You can coast it in two and a half hours.

Nothing out of the ordinary in this, of course, but he did go fast, I think, because he was in charge of a smart, new and rather nippy motor car. He refused to lose face by allowing bespangled trunk-road wagons claim his ground or ponies to dawdle. I have a cool disposition and slept much of the way. The crash, however, did wake me up. We gave the car in front a terrific thump, which demolished our headlamps and popped the bonnet up in the air.

Many more people took up a spectator position around the car than I had seen at four UAE matches and two by Holland. "Are you Louis, TV commentator?" I nodded and another thousand appeared from nowhere. Eventually I signed the usual piece of paper for Ali to explain to his employers...



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