21 October, 2020

No More Morality Bombs

Instead of condemning, the attempt should be to bring NATO and Milosevic back to the negotiation table.

No More Morality Bombs

THAT large segments of the international community are getting high blood pressure because the US-led NATO military operations against Yugoslavia are against the objective principles of international law, is, frankly speaking, irrelevant. States or groups of states acting against the principles of international law and the stipulation of the UN Charter is an abiding and recurring phenomenon in inter-state relations. Such actions are always rooted in subjective perceptions and assessments of the individual and collective interests of the powers which initiate such actions. The situation becomes ideal if such initiatives can be fitted in the framework of international law and the objectives of the UN Charter. When this isn't possible, the rationale and justification resorted to are of higher moral considerations of good governance, human rights and so on.

The NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia manifest this latter rationale. It is important to recall facts before proceeding to value judgement. Serb president Milosevic has resorted to violence and military...



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