26 November, 2020

"No More Fanaticism"

Bal Thackeray speaks to Outlook about the Sena's changed attitude towards Muslims

"No More Fanaticism"
How has your tough anti-Muslim stance, held for so long, changed?
How long can you sustain this enmity? There were 2.5 crore Muslims in '47, today they're 20 to 25 crore—much more than Pakistan. Where're you going to drive them out—Pakistan won't accept them. Will you shoot them like Hitler killed the Jews? Let us stay amicably. No more fanaticism. No more, mine is mine and yours is mine.

Is this a new colour and tone?
You can't keep sewing old chappals and wearing them. You have to get new ones.

Do you still maintain there should be a national monument at Ayodhya?
It's a very clear-cut statement. In '92 when Babri was demolished, the Muslims got up and said it was theirs. There were riots in Mumbai. It's a religious and political problem. It was religious—it became political. It was the government's responsibility to solve it. But it passed the buck to the Supreme Court which has been scratching the Babri bite for five years. How long can riots, bloodshed continue? If Vajpayee's building the Ram mandir—go ahead. But if no one can...



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