02 August, 2021

No Ism But Dharma

RSS joint general secretary says the Sangh's first priority is character-building

No Ism But Dharma

IT is not new that every time the BJP comes into prominence, politically that is, the name of the RSS is brought in almost compulsively. For all its attempts to shun media attention, the RSS is again in the limelight. For those who would like to rush to a quick conclusion that the RSS has realised its goal with the BJP coming to power, the words of Guruji Golwalkar should be revealing. "Our real national regeneration should start with the moulding of man, instilling in him the strength to overcome human frailties and stand up as a shining symbol of Hindu manhood embodying within himself all our traditional values of love, self-restraint, sacrifice, service and character. We should unfailingly keep this vision, this real essence of our glorious nationhood before our eyes, so that we can again rise to our original pedestal of world preceptor."

The Sangh's first priority is to strengthen its character-moulding programme—only to the extent to which such 'men with capital M' become available. The RSS is in no hurry. Over the years we have built...

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