03 August, 2021

'No Indo-US-Israel Axis'

The US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia in conversation with Outlook

'No Indo-US-Israel Axis'
Christina B. Rocca is America’s pointsperson for South Asia, an important front in President George Bush’s war on terrorism. This is the area where Osama bin Laden scours the mountains, and two nuclear states spar with each other. Her voice, though, is in contrast to her tough job: so soft-spoken that you have to strain to hear her, so polite you wonder why she is considered hard as nails, so diplomatic in her response that you feel she’s evasive. Here in New Delhi to attend the annual Regional Dialogue, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia took time out on September 11 to speak to V. Sudarshan—and even pose charmingly for our lensman. Excerpts:

Can you tell us something about the regional dialogue you have just had?
It’s something that started last year. In our conversations we express our positions, our views on events in the region and on India, and get Indian views as well so that there’s better understanding between us on what our policies are. It’s also an opportunity to build on those areas that we have already identified,...

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