13 May, 2021

No Holds Barred

Did he grope her? Did she like it? On this hangs the presidency.

No Holds Barred

THE explosive Willey interview on CBS television has thrown the sex scandal story involving President Clinton into a new dimension. On March 16, former White House volunteer, Kathleen F. Willey, 51, claimed, on the 60 Minutes programme, that the president had groped her against her will during a November 1993 meeting in a room near the Oval Office where she had gone to ask for paid employment.

The interview, broadcast to some 30 million viewers, stunned the nation. Unlike the other cases involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and other women, sexual harassment not consensual sex was being charged in this, the nth episode in the Clinton sex story. Willey's allegations could strengthen the case of Paula Jones—who is suing the president for sexual harassment—as well as provide more grist to the mill for independent counsel Kenneth Starr and his investigation into the charges against the president.

Clinton, according to Willey's televised statements, had kissed her, touched her breast and placed her hand on his...

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