18 May, 2021

No Genie At Your Fingertips

Aadhaar biometrics will now enable cashless shopping sans card and smartphone. A look at the hopes and fears.

No Genie At Your Fingertips

Soon, you will be able to pay for your groceries and other purchased goods by using just your fingerprints and biometric data. You won’t need debit or credit cards, smartphones or e-wallets. You won’t need to sign or even remember your PIN.

In a bid to increase digitisation and move to the next phase of ‘cashless India’, the government is preparing to launch Aadhaar Pay, an initiative that will supersede the need to use credit cards, debit cards, smartphones and PINs to make payments or transfer money. The proposed system of payments will use a person’s biometric data and fingerprints to make payments through Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.

The initiative, which has been running as a pilot project in fair price shops in Andhra Pradesh, is expected to be launched in a month’s time. According to officials of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the system has been getting a positive response in these trials and is ready for a nationwide launch.

In Aadhaar Pay, all a person needs to carry to a shop are his...

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