24 June, 2021

No, For A Dozen Times

Arrows of guilt that for now Vijender dodges easily

No, For A Dozen Times

A boxer’s feints

  • Association with A.S. Kahlon Ram Singh introduced Vijender to Kahlon last year. The two have been seen together at Chandigarh and Delhi. Kahlon reportedly told the police that Vijender was a ‘client’ but couldn’t explain why he got Vijender expensive clothes and accessories. Vijender claims Kahlon is an acquaintance.
  • Telephone call records Vijender was in touch with Kahlon, calling him once at midnight, say the pol­ice. The number of calls to Kahlon has varied from eight to eighty, depending on the briefing. Vijen­der says others may have used his phone.
  • Ford Endeavour at Zirakpur Police claims the boxer’s suv was parked outside the Zirakpur flat of Kahlon. Vijender’s friends claim they had driven in it to the police station on being summoned. They were asked to leave the car there and have no clue how it reached Zirakpur. Police dismiss claim.
  • Consumption of heroin Ram Singh...

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