18 June, 2021

'No Favour If You Agree To Talk'

Pakistan foreign minister speaks to Outlook on his deep disappointment over Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh's decision not to visit Islamabad.

'No Favour If You Agree To Talk'

Earlier there was talk of Manmohan Singh coming to Pakistan. But there is a belief that a journey to Pakistan can be perilous or of great political value for an Indian leader...

All I can is that President Musharaff takes great risks, I take great risks. Otherwise, we wouldn't open our mouths. The easiest course is not to do anything. Don't move, don't talk. When you talk you can make a mistake. When you walk you can make a mistake. But I would much rather that I walked and talked. The president, prime minister and I have consistently tried to improve relations between Pakistan and India. And we would want that on the other side there should be somebody. We were looking forward to Manmohan Singh's visit. But why he's not coming is not for me to comment. That concerns the internal politics of India..

Is there any point in his coming without anything concrete?

Yes certainly. It helps improve atmospherics. I think the very idea of the interaction is useful, particularly after the Mumbai blasts.

There seems to be a great...

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