05 December, 2020

No Escape From This Slave Trade

Placement agencies are trafficking agencies. Instead of curbing the sale of girls, rape, and the sale of their babies, the government seeks to legalise the agencies.

No Escape From This Slave Trade

After drugs and arms, human trafficking is the third largest profitable industry in the world, and Jharkhand happens to be the worst victim in India. Human trafficking, particularly that of minor tribal girls shipped out to be deployed as domestic helps in big cities, has been a decades-old phenomenon that no government has, for mysterious reasons, ever wanted to address. But recent rep­orts indicate that a second, more heinous level of exploitation has been attained. Many of the trafficked girls, according to reports, are impregnated and made to bear children so that these children could then be further sold off.

Ironically, neither the government of Jharkhand nor the central government has ever devoted any serious thinking to this whole subject, or wondered about its ghastly implications. Instead, the Jharkhand assembly, despite its apparent consequences, has even got a bill through to regularise the euphemistically named ‘placement agencies’. Thank­fully, due to the reserves of good sense that still prevail, the Governor of Jharkhand is yet to give...



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